# Introduction

Eternal.Domains is a decentralised, open and trustless domain naming system similar to Ethereum Name Service (ENS). Instead of operating on the Ethereum blockchain like ENS does, the developers have chosen to use the Binance Smart Chain because of lower fees, faster transaction processing times, and higher transitions per second.

We have several important features that outdo ENS. Including:

  • 1 and 2 character domains are registrable (e.g. “1.web3”, “cz.bsc”)
  • There are 3 available extensions (.web3, .anon and .bsc)
  • Eternal.Domains don’t expire. There is a single once-off payment, and you may then own the domain forever. (Unless you transfer or sell it)
  • Eternal.Domains is part of an ecosystem called “EcoV2”. Members of this ecosystem can earn a portion of registration fees generated by Eternal.Domains.
  • Eternal.Domains has it’s own domain market, developed by the same team. The market has a low fee of 2.5%, and a portion of the returns are returned to the ecosystem.
  • An affiliate system allowing users to earn money for recommending Eternal.Domains to others
  • Eternal.Domains conform to the ERC-721 standard, meaning they can be transferred or sold in the same way as traditional NFTs.

# Smart Contracts

  • Eternal.Domains main contract: 0x340Eb0c7BA4Fe65fe5a6A66ED2856c96d9f84F9A
  • Market.Eternal.Domains contract: 0x4AB7512389C5bD59bef616fd95458153e919Fcd5

# Basic Technical Documentation

# How can I convert a user's domain into an EVM address?

Use the resolve() function on the main contract and provide the given domain as a string.

# How can I convert a token ID into a domain name?

All domains have a long token ID to conform to the ERC-721 NFT standard. You can convert the token ID to a domain name by using the domainName() function and passing the token ID as the only argument.

# How can I convert a domain name to a token ID?

All token IDs are a keccak hash of the domain name. You can use the domainToTokenId() function on the main contract and pass the domain name as the only argument.